Sublimation Metal: Sublimation printing blank aluminum sheet photo panel 20x16''

Sublimation printing blank aluminum sheet photo panel 20x16''

Item No:080804100202
Product size:20x16''(46x58cm)
Printable size:46.6x58.6cm
Product weight:214.4g
Material: Aluminum
Logo:Customized Logo

Customize DIY sublimation printing blank aluminum sheet photo panel aluminum metal sheet

Aluminium sublimation sheets are designed to showcase fine art high definition photo prints with the most brilliant colours, highest dynamic range and

best contrasts of all available printing technologies.Various of color and sizesfreely choose.

Custom Logo Dye Sublimation Blanks Aluminium Metal Sheets

The printable aluminium sheets are formulated with a special coating,engineered to be more scratch,chemical and UV resistant than other materials on the market.

Sublimation aluminum sheets are the most common and best printed aluminum sheets.

They have all the properties of aluminum sheets.The bright finish enhances images with maximum detail, color depth and vibrancy.

The strict manufacturing methods used to produce this material ensures consistent results from sheet to sheet.

Enjoy finished work that lasts up to four times longer than photo papers with a consistent, high quality finish... every time.

 Customize HD Glossy Aluminum Sheet Sublimation metal plate

Aluminum has many advantages .such as easy to clean. Soap and water are usually sufficient to remove fingerprints etc.

The surface of aluminum sheet is extremely scratch resistant,and aluminum prints are moisture proof and therefore ideal for hanging in bathrooms, saunas, kitchens, etc.

Aluminum prints are more able to resistchanges in temperature than traditional media ,The aluminum sheet also have a longer archival

life than other print media, but they will fade eventually just like any photographic print and so on.

All those advantages make aluminium sheet attractive as a dye Sublimation Printing material.

Dye aluminum sublimation sheet is manufactured specially for sublimation.We can also cut the sublimation aluminum blank & sheet into sublimation aluminum discs what you need size.



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