Fabric Product: Sublimation Blanks Foldable Rolling Tray Leather Catchall Trays Jewelry Desktop Storage Botton Plate Office Home Decor

Sublimation Blanks Foldable Rolling Tray Leather Catchall Trays Jewelry Desktop Storage Botton Plate Office Home Decor

Item name:sublimation blanks rolling organizer botton trays
Item number:063301030101,063301030201,063301030301
Size: 22.5x22.5cm
Size: 22.5x22.5cm
Printable Size: 13.8x13.8cm
Thickness: 0.2cm
Weight: 82g
Pc/Ctn: 100pcs/ctn
Ctn Weight: 10g
Packing: 45*35*35cm
Individual Box: Available on required
Name:  Sublimation blanks rolling organizer botton trays
Wholesale Sublimation Custom Foldable Roll-up Dice Leather Trays Rolling Mat Dice Tray
New hot item PU tray, it can be a storage tray when it is put on the desk, it also can be a try when you take up, Amazing!
The selling point of this item is its specially design, many youg people like it, beucase it is special and confortable, also easily take away.
It is just the sprit of sublimation, special and personalized
Blank DIY tray wholesale Sublimation Personalized luxury jewelry display storage tray genuine leather storage tray
It’s a fashionable and convenient item in our daily life.
It can be a waterproof pad or a storage tray.
This can hold many small items, such as jewelry necklaces, stationery pens and mobile phones.
What a wonderful product for office and room or our own house.
Custom logo PU serving tray can be a waterproof pad or a serving tray.
The sublimation serving tray has flexible handles to help you hang on and also easy to clean.
Riginality to print this Sublimating Printing Serving tray into a particular and unique piece for own.
Material: PU-Artificial Leather Multifunctional: It can be used as both placemat and storage tray.
Customized logo wholesale  decorative  PU-Artificial Storage Leather printing sublimation serving tray
The natural, elegant look of this stationery organizer makes it a home to your storage box,
such as the tray for storing jewelry,candies, photos and some small item collections, pen holder, and stationery boxes with color pencils.
This assemble Sublimating Printing Serving tray with a folding edges, sturdy handles, it’s easy to be clean up.
- The PU-Artificial Leather makes the serving tray imprinted with Dye. - Sublimation become light than other metal.
Custom Logo Leather Classic Catchall Tray Organizer Jewelry Key Tray Desk Storage Plate Office Home Decor

- Anti-slip Sublimation Serving tray featuring high grip rubber surface can protect things from falling down.we have three color,blue,black and silver.

- High quality PU tray with a flexible folding edges, it’s easy to be clean up.

- With the flexible handles you can put it on the table or any flat surface as a storage tray.

- It is easily transforms the heat transfer serving tray into a waterproof on the dining table or a serving tray.


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Units in box: 100pcs

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